A Big Yellow Hello

Hi there.

I’m Skyrim Duck. Ok, you got me. My real name is actually Bill Duck but I don’t look much like a Bill do I? I’ve been on the scene for some time now featuring in my first blogĀ  skyrimducksays in 2012. When that ended in 2015 I went off the rails a bit (drinking too much pond water and that sort of thing) and due to my bad behaviour myself and the other ducks all went our separate ways. I’m back now and 100% healthy, I even do yoga! Times have certainly changed since skyrimducksays was my life. There are new games to talk about as well as old new games. Cameras have gotten a lot better so I can guarantee you’re only going to be seeing my good side from now on, hence why I’m appearing on Instagram. How could you not though when you’re this cute? Don’t worry though I’m definitely not all about looks now, I love video games just as much as I ever did so expect plenty of nerdy pictures and blog posts coming your way in 2019.

See you online,

The Skyrim Duck